Bahama Islands (incorporating more, than 700 islands in the Western part of Atlantic Ocean) have been under British rule up to 1973. 40 years of independence let Bahama Islands to become one of the best jurisdiction for offshore banking. Nevertheless, the country is still an active member of British Commonwealth of Nations. Finance is not the only thing Bahamas are famous for. Tourism is also very popular here. Local citizens speak English and Spanish.

Country’s jurisdiction advantages

  • No taxes for revenue, capital gains, succession and dividends.
  • No forex control for IBC companies
  • No double taxation treaties
  • No limits for free profits repatriation.  

Country’s jurisdiction disadvantages

  • In many countries Bamahas are considered as an offshore zone.  

Types of companies available

The most frequent type of company, registered on Bamahas, is an International Business Сompany. Such companies do not pay taxes and can freely carry on their business outside Bahama Islands.

Who will benefit the most?

Companies, dealing with international trade.

Corporate/lega requirements

  • “Limited”, “Corp.”, “Inc.”, “GmbH”, “SA”. “Limited”, “Corp.”, “Inc.”, “GmbH”, “SA” should obligatory be present in the name of the company.
  • At least one shareholder and at least one director are required.
  • An Office and an agent should be registered on Bahama Islands. 

Taxation system

IBC’s are free from all taxes and are guaranteed 20 years of tax-free regime from the registration date. No reports submission and no audit are required.
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