Belize is a small country on Caribbean Sea. It used to be British colony. It is now a member of British Commonwealth and UN. The most developed branches of economy are agriculture and tourism. Tropical climate, Caribbean Sea cays and old Maya pyramids are the most known tourist attractions. English is an official language here. 

Types of companies available

Belize International Business Company (IBC) 

Country’s jurisdiction advantages

  • Quick and cheap companies registration procedure
  • IBC do not pay taxes and tolls.
  • Flexible language requirements.
  • No reports to be submitted.
  • IBC do not have to open the register of shareholders, directors or accountants.
  • Small annual fees. 

Country’s jurisdiction disadvantages

  • Belize is in the list of offshore jurisdictions.
  • There are limits on types of activities.
  • No double taxation treaty. 

Who will benefit the most

Jurisdiction will fit to register an nternational business. There are some restrictions for business activity, connected with banks, tourism and insurance. 

Corporate/legal requirements

  • Name should end with Corporation, Limited, Incorporated or Ltd, Crop, Inc.
  • At least one director and shareholder should be available.
  • Company’s director should obligatory inform where the financial documents are stored.
  • Registration agent and address are required. 

Taxation system

Belize companies are free from taxes. Annual state fee is paid.
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