Seychelles are washed by waters of Indian Ocean and are situated near Madagascar. Seychelles are a tax paradise as the only thing, that you should pay tax for is the revenue from business. Main sectors of economy are tourism, fishing, export and agriculture. Republic is a member of ACP and is suitable for international business operation. 

Country’s jurisdiction advantages

  • Free from taxes.
  • Steady administrative and political situation.
  • Cheap companies registration
  • Low annual fee.
  • Financial reporting is not submitted.
  • Maximum level of confidentiality.
  • No need in forex control.
  • Full anonymity of beneficiary ownership.
  • Procedure of incorporation lasts 1 day.
  • There is a possibility to register a company on Seychelles in case, if it used to be registered in another offshore zone. 

Country’s jurisdiction advantages

  • Trade on the territory of the country is prohibited.
  • IBC has no right to have business activities, which concerns banking or insurance. 

Types of companies available

International Business Company (IBC) – can have  business activity anywhere but Seychelles. 

Who will benefit the most

Is suitable for international trade and assets security, holding and investment companies. 

Corporate/legal requirements

  • Name should contain “Limited”, “Corporation”, “Ltd”, “Corp”, “S.A”, “B.V.”, “N.V.”, “A.G.”.
  • Standard charter capital should be at least 5 000 EUR.
  • Director of company should inform on the place, where financial reports are stored.
  • At least one registered address and address should be available.
  • At least 1 shareholder and 1 director should be available. 

Taxation system

No  taxes.
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