Republic of Cyprus is situated on an Island on the east of Mediterranean sea. Cyprus is a member of EU since 2004. It is considered to be the country with the lowest taxes in EU. Cyprus is a tourist stronghold. When registering or buying a company here you are killing two birds with one stone. It is a perfect place for both tourism and retirement. Mild etesian climate and good infrastructure help a lot with this. Most of local people speak not only Greek but also English and Russian.

Jurisdiction advantages

  • Stable and flexible legal system
  • Low or zero taxes
  • Convenient time zone
  • Cyprus is a part of EU and it has a good reputation
  • No CFC rules
  • Simple alrogithm of becoming a resident via investments for non-EU residents
  • Low rent/immobility purchase prices
  • No need to hire a resident director if you need the company to be resident
  • Nominal shareholder and director usage  


  • All state organizations work to 2 pm
  • The requirement to prepare and submit auditors financial report
  • For resident companies corporate tax is 12,5%  

Types of companies

  • Investment management (zero tax)
  • Assets management (zero tax)
  • Trade companies (low tax rates)
  • Services provision (low ta rates)
  • Any intellectual property activity (80% VAT discount)

Types of companies available

Usually Company limited by shares (LTD) are registered on Cyprus according to Cyprus Companies Law. Their business can be run anywhere on the planet, including Cyspus itself. 

Requirement/restriction for companies registration

  • ''Ltd'' or ''Limited” should be written at the end of a company name
  • Minimal charter capital should be EUR 1 000, but the payment of it is not required when registering
  • Stamp duty is calculated according to the charter capital
  • At least one shareholder is required (private person or legal entity)
  • At least one director is required (private personor legal entity)
  • Sercretary should be hired (private person or legal entity, Cyprus resident
  • Registration address is required.  

Taxation system

12,5% - VAT for resident companies
0% - VAT for non-resident companies
0% - Incoming and outcoming dividends tax (with some exclusions)
0% - securities selling tax
0% - capital gains tax (excluding the immobilities, which are owned)
12.5% - income tax from received trade interest
12.5 % - royalties revenue
0% - royalties paid outside Cyprus
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