Denmark is a kingdom with the developed infrastructure and high living standards, electronic government and the world’s most developed electronic commerce. The country is situated next to Germany and Sweden. It is a member of EU and 90% of citizens speak English here. It is a very comfortable place to register a business.

Country’s jurisdiction advantages

  • EU VAT number receiving.
  • High level of reputation on an international market.
  • No corruption and bureaucracy.
  • Political stability.
  • Developed economy.
  • Double taxation avoidance.
  • Possibility to open a bank account not only in banks of Denmark, but also in banks of other countries.
  • Low fees for companies’ registration procedure.
  • Convenient location in the center of Europe.
  • High level of social insurance.
  • Totally clean EU jurisdiction.
  • Possibility to optimize taxes significantly (up to 0%). 

Country’s jurisdiction disadvantages

  • Recent entrance to international tax planning.
  • Small territory.
  • Payment of charter capital required. 

Types of companies available

Anpartsselskab (ApS) – closed joint-stock company.
Kommanditselskab (К/S) – kommandit partnership. 

Corporate/legal requirements

  • Abbreviation “ApS or “K/S” should be mentioned in the name of the company.
  • Charter capital in ApS should be fully paid before the registration process starts.
  • Domicile (legal address in Denmark) and registration agent.
  • Annual accounting reporting for ApS and K/S. 

Who will benefit the most

  1. Usage of double taxation treaty to receive dividends, royalty, revenue  from shares selling and liquidating dividends.
  2. Trade with or without VAT number. 

Taxation system

Standard tax of 25%, but if some requirements are met, the tax can drop up to 0%. Under certain conditions K/S of Denmark are not supposed to pay taxes.
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