Estonia is a country with the consistent economy and reliable banking system. International agreements with influential European countries and internal regulations protect foreign investment to country's  economy. Estonia's advantages are convenient taxation system and electronic documents flow. Country's geographical position is also advantageous. It is a member of EU, WTO and Schengen zone. 

Country’s jurisdiction advantages

  • It is a member of EU.
  • No forex control.
  • Both private person and legal entity can be founders of the company.
  • No real estate tax.
  • Has good reputation.
  • Estonian government supports every business activity done in the country.
  • Quick registration procedure.
  • Formal services availability. 

Country’s jurisdiction disadvantages

  • Annual and accounting report should be submitted.
  • Bearer shares are prohibited. 

Types of companies available


Who will benefit the most

It is suitable for an international business activity because Estonia has a possibility to sell goods to European markets. 

Corporate/legal requirements

  • Legal address of the company should be registered in Estonia
  • Charter capital should be 2500 Euro.
  • At least one director should be listed.
  • Head of the company should be a private person. 

Taxation system

VAT is 20%. Corporate tax for income is 20% and it is paid only during dividends distribution.
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